Burkburnett, Texas


Garbage Rates

Residential Collection

Senior Citizens (65/over)

$28.41 + tax

$23.38 + tax

Extra Polycart

Once a week pickup of polycart(s)

$14.38 + tax

Residential garbage is picked up once a week, Mondays or Fridays, see map for your pickup day.

To request a bulk pickup please call 1-877-592-5030 before 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays.


Container Size:

2-Cubic Yd Container:

1X - $67.18

2X - $130.57

3X - $199.68

5X - $343.98

4-Cubic Yd Container:

1X - $109.95

2X - $218.67

3X - $335.93

5X - $598.37

6-Cubic Yd Container:

1X - $161.89

2X - $334.17

3X - $500.86

5X - $894.53

8-Cubic Yd Container:

1X - $213.86

2X - $431.61

3X - $665.82

5X - $1,190.72

Rates Effective October 1, 2022

Ordinance Number 1027, Passed September 19, 2022


All brush, shrub and tree trimming collection is done by the city of Burkburnett on Fridays. Call-in deadline for this service is Thursday by 4:00 pm. The brush, shrub and tree trimmings must be placed by the curb. To request this service, please call city hall, Mon-Fri from 8 am - 5 pm at 569-2263.


$25 for 30 minutes. $10 per each additional hour.

Ordinance Number 989, Passed December 21, 2020

All brush, shrubs, tree trimmings, and cuttings to be collected by the city shall be reduced to sufficient size and shape to permit handling by one man. Trimmings with diameter of five inches or less may be up to 12 feet in length. Trimmings with diameter over five inches must not weigh over 50 pounds. This work will be picked up at the discretion of the city, with rates established by the Board of Commissioners at $25 for 30 minutes. Each hour thereafter will be $10. This service will not be provided when the work is performed by professional tree service.