Burkburnett, Texas


Public Works

Public Works Director: Mike Whaley

Mike, a proud graduate of Burkburnett High School, has served the City of Burkburnett in various roles over the past 19 years.

Mike, his wife Karrie and their children, Kaylin, Noah, and Emma are members of the Legacy Church of God where they enjoy participating, fellowshipping, and growing in their faith. His family is also active in various sporting associations and service clubs in Burkburnett. Mike and Karrie are thankful their children are part of the fantastic BISD family and the magnificent work our educators are doing through the local school district. Mike and his family are proud to call Burkburnett their home.

“It is an honor and a privilege to serve Burkburnett and give back to a community that has given so much to me over the years. I am reminded all the time that Burkburnett is not just the City we live in but the family we belong to. Burkburnett is a wonderful community only because of the caring, giving, and gracious people that make up the community. Thank You Burkburnett!”

Mike can be reached at:


What are the Director's responsibilities?

Responsible to plan, direct, manage and oversee the operations and management of the Public Works Department which includes street construction & maintenance, storm utility development, water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection, facility & equipment maintenance and serve as liaison to three private contractors responsible for the operations of the wastewater treatment plant, solid waste disposal services and civil engineering. Responsible for the financial management of the Public Works Division.

Make inspections to insure compliance with the city development standards; evaluate and update existing construction codes; read and interpret plans and technical documents.

Oversee outside contractors; evaluate work of the employees and contractors of the public works department; supervise the design, construction and maintenance of water, sewer, street, storm drainage, sanitation and building facilities; develop policies and procedures for the department; approve purchase of materials, supplies, equipment, vehicles, etc.; coordinate work of the divisions of the departments; monitor various projects; enforce department rules and regulations; supervise the selection, training and discipline of department personnel.

Prepare reports and documents for state, local, and federal regulatory agencies to insure compliance with the laws and regulations.

Present information in public meetings to City Council and general public; handle customer complaints and claims in a professional and courteous manner.